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Uniden Replacement Battery
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Battery for Uniden- BATT-3AAB

Part Number: BATT-3AAB / GE-TL96154 / BT-905
Manufacturer: Battery
Free Shipping within the Contiguous U.S.

List Price: $24.95
Price: $19.95


Replacement battery for Uniden Cordless Phones
Replacement Battery for the following Uniden Cordless Phones
  • AE-255, BBTY-030001, CP-355
  • BT-905, CP-355, EHD-1200, EP200
  • DXAI5186-2, DXAI5188-2
  • EXI3226
  • DXAI-7288-2, DXI-7286-2
  • Audex/Uniden CDU7288-2-AS
  • EWCI936
  • EX-1917, EXI-1960, EXI-1980, EX-2100, EX-255,
  • EX-3101, EX-3102, EX-3800, EX-3810, EX-3101
  • EX-4100, EX-4101, EX-4102, EX-4800
  • EX-8901, EX-925, EX-945, EX-965
  • EXA-2950, EXA-3955, EXA-7950, EXA-8955, EXA-8965
  • EXA-915, EXA-918, EXA-950
  • EXAI-2248, EXAI-3781, EXAI-3985
  • EXAI-7980, EXAI-8985, EXAI-916, EXAI-918, EXI-17926
  • EXI-5560, EXI-8560, EXI-2246, EXI-2903, EXI-2926, EXI-2950, EXI-2960, EXI-2961, EXI-2980
  • EXI-7926, EXI-7960, EXI-8965, EXI-8966, EXI-5160, EXI5560
  • EXI-17, EXI-918, EXI-960, EXI-915, EXI-916
  • EXL-8900, EXL-8901, EXL-8945, EXL-A8950, EXL-I8962
  • EXP-2240, EXP-2800, EXP-2901, EXP-2903, EXP-2800
  • EXP-7900, EXP-7901, EXP-7902, EXP-7903, EXP-7904
  • EXP-91, EXP-92, EXP-920, EXP-916, EXP-945, EXP-950A
  • EZI996
  • EXS-2010, EXS-2060, EXS-2080, EXS-9005
  • TRU241, TRU246, TRU248, TRU341, TRU3465, TRU3466, TRU348, TRU3485
  • XE-895, XE-965
  • 7960, 7980, 8965, EHD 1200 Harley-Davidson Phone

  • Availability: Typically ships within 24 hours
  • Brand new product

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