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Jitterbug5 Senior Cell Phone

Part Number: Jitterbug5 SCH-R220ZB
Manufacturer: GreatCall
Free Shipping within the Contiguous U.S.

List Price: $119.00
Price: $69.95


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New! Jitterbug5 Cell Phone

FOUR (4) March Specials  -  good thru Monday, March 30th:

  (all specials below are included)

  • Special low price of $69.95 (a savings of 40% off of list price)
  • FREE Ground Shipping   (a savings of $10.00)
  • FREE A/C Home Charger (included inside the Jitterbug box)
  • FREE Free Car Charger* (a $24.95 value , *ships separately 2-3 weeks after activation)

Need Help? Call us at 1-800-516-4279

Our friendly Jitterbug experts are available by phone
9:00am to 6:00pm est, Monday through Friday

All new Jitterbug5:

✔  Dedicated 5Star Button

✔  Easy to Use

✔  Easy to See

✔  No Long Term Contracts

✔  Monthly Basic Plans start at $14.99/mn (see plan details below)

The new Jitterbug5, is not only a simpler cell phone, but an entirely new experience. The Jitterbug5 now includes the following new features: 


  • Dedicated 5Star button  – One-touch access to health and safety experts
  • Backlit keypad – Assists visibility in low-light areas
  • Big buttons – Large, legible numbers make dialing effortless
  • Powerful speaker – Conversations are loud and clear
  • Voice Dial – Quickly access contacts without the hassle of dialing
  • Bright color screen – Makes it easy to see phone numbers, text messages and photos
  • Easy to navigate – Simple “YES” and “NO” buttons and intuitive menus
  • Large contacts library – Store up to 200 personal contacts
  • Built-in Camera – Take photos everywhere you go
  • Photo sharing – Share each special moment with one touch
  • Speakerphone – Lets you talk hands-free
  • Long-lasting battery – Up to 25 days of standby time
  • U.S. Based Operator – Available 24/7 just by dialing “0”

The Jitterbug5 is ideal if you want an easy to use cellular phone to dial direct and keep in touch.

  • No Long Distance Fees (for domestic calls within the U.S. and Canada)
  • No Roaming Fees
  • No Long Term Contracts

The monthly Jitterbug service plan options (see below) are selected after receiving the phone and activating by calling Great Call (parent company of Jitterbug). The Jitterbug5 Phone represents the best of our award winning experience and includes improvements we've made based on the feedback from our growing family of customers. The Jitterbug5 is perfect for anyone who prefers simplicity.

Click to see the: Jitterbug Service Coverage Map

Click to see the: Jitterbug Phone Reviews

Additional Features:

  • No confusing menus. Access all options with simple 'YES' or 'NO' questions.
  • Both Bluetooth® (for a wireless headset connection) and 3.5mm headset jack connection included (headset not included with  phone)
  • Caller ID enabled.
  • Phone Number Portability: Option to retain and transfer existing cell phone number to your new Jitterbug cell phone, providing that number is still available at the time you make the request.
  • 30 day return policy. If for any reason you do not like your new Jitterbug phone, just let us know and we will be happy to set up a return for you.
  • Simply dial '0' to reach a live, 24/7 Operator. They will greet you by   name, connect calls for you and provide directory assistance. They can also activate   or deactivate any feature you want.
  • No contracts, No prepaid hassles.
  • The Phone Book stores up to 200 names and numbers on the phone with easy access
  • Hearing-aid compatible--no "feedback" or "squealing" noises
  • Familiar dial tone when ready to call
  • Convenient no-mistake volume control
  • Easy to use voice message service and retrieval (optional application $3.00/mn)
  • Separate on/off button
  • Fits comfortably in your hand and around your ear
  • Easy to use speakerphone (on/off button on keypad)

  • Dimensions:   3.86H" x 2.01"W x .77"D
  • Weight (w/battery & cover):   3.76 ounces
  • Camera:   1.3 megapixels, .jpg
  • Outside Display Screen:   1.3" color
  • Inside Display Screen:   2.2" color
  • Talk Time:   Up to 5 Hours
  • Standby Time:   Up to 25 days
  • Power Connector:   Universal Micro-USB
  • Headset Jack:   Standard 3.5mm
  • Storage Capacity:   100+ Photos, 50 Texts, 50 contacts
  • Hearing Aid Compatible:   YES, M4/T4 rating
  • Shipping weight:    2 lbs

General Information:

  • 30 Day Return Policy for Phone (Must have used <30 Minutes of Talk Time)
  • 1 Year Phone Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Product typically ships within 24 hours after placing order
  • Brand new product, factory sealed

How do I get started?

Step 1 is to order the Jitterbug5 Phone phone.  This can be done by adding the phone to the cart above and completing the secure checkout process OR you can place your order by phone at 1-800-516-4279.  We're available to help you 9:00am to 6:00pm est, Monday thru Friday.

Step 2 is to activate the Jitterbug5 phone. After you receive your new Jitterbug5 phone you will then be ready to activate it in one of two ways:  calling the activation center (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or by using your computer and visiting There is a one-time activation fee of $35.00 for setting up your phone and account.

If you choose to contact the activation center you will need toby use your home phone or another phone. An experienced, US-based operator will set up the following for you: your new phone number, the calling plan and any features you would like, and finally, your billing preferences.  The call normally only takes 12 to 15 minutes to complete. This entire process is also explained in "The Quick Start Guide" which is included inside the Jitterbug5 box.

What's included in the Jitterbug5 Box?

  • Jitterbug5 cell phone
  • Jitterbug lithium-ion battery
  • A/C (home) charger
  • User Guide
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Activation Card (serial number of the phone in large, easy to read numbers)

Service Plans:

* NOTE: The Jitterbug5 Phone is purchased from Cordless Workz and the Service Plans/Minutes are billed directly by Great Call.

Service Plans & Rates Available Direct from GreatCall, Inc./Jitterbug:

Minutes are good for 60 days total (the month in which they were issued plus 30 days of rollover). Voicemail is optional and is $3 a month with a Basic Plan or included at no additional cost with a GoPlan.

  • $35 (plus tax) One-time Activation Fee for any plan.
  • No long term contracts or cancellation fees (unlike other companies that   charge up to $200 or more for early cancellation)
  • All monthly plans come with Anytime minutes that "Carry Over" and are good for   60 days and Add on   Minutes are good for 12 months (unlike most companies whose minutes expire in   30 days).
    • What does "Carry Over" mean?  Carry over means that your unused   anytime minutes accumulate for the month and carry over into the next month.

Basic Plans:

 Basic Plan 14  Basic Plan 19  Basic Plan 29  Basic Plan 39  Basic Plan 59 
Monthly Price
Monthly Minutes
Brain Games  
Monthly Texts (check rates)  
Monthly Data (check rates)  

Legend: A '✔' indicates that this feature is included. A '--' indicates that the feature is NOT included.

All plans are month by month and include Free Long-Distance and Free Roaming (if you travel outside of your home area there are never any addition charges that are incurred).

Basic Share Plans:

Monthly Package   Rate  Monthly Price for Additional Line  Minutes 
Basic Share 39
Basic Share 59

Staying connected with friends and family has never been easier with Share Plans. With FREE unlimited calling to members on your shared account, Share Plans are a great value.

** Note: Regardless of which plan you choose there will be Federal Regulatory Fees and Taxes added to your monthly bill each month. These charges vary plan by plan and state by state.

New GoPlans Plans:

 GoPlan 24  Go Plan 29  GoPlan 39  GoPlan 49  GoPlan Unlimited 
Monthly Price
Unlimited Access to 5Star Urgent Response  
Unlimited Access to UrgentCare  
Monthly Minutes
Brain Games  
Monthly Texts (check rates)  
100 included
Monthly Data (check rates)  

Legend: A '✔' indicates that this feature is included. A '--' indicates that the feature is NOT included.

New GoPlan Share Plans:

Nationwide Plans Monthly Price for Additional Line  Unlimited Mobile to Mobile  No Setup Fee  Carryover 
Premium Shared 39
Premium Shared 49
Simply Shared Unlimited  

Legend: A '✔' indicates that this feature is included. A '--' indicates that the feature is NOT included.

*5Star service for each additional line on a GoPlan is available for an extra $8.99/month. All other services offered with a GoPlan will be available at no additional cost.

With Share Plans, staying connected with friends and family has never been easier or more affordable. You get FREE unlimited calling to members on your shared account, making Share Plans a great value. Please note that 5Star service for each additional line on a GoPlan is available for an extra $8.99/month. All other services offered with a GoPlan will be available at no additional cost.

** Note: Regardless of which plan you choose there will be Federal Regulatory Fees and Taxes added to your monthly bill each month. These charges vary plan by plan and state by state.

Add on Minutes:

If you find you need more minutes occasionally, but not enough to switch plans, simply purchase some Add-On Minutes. They are available on all rate plans and can be used anytime for up to a year.

Minutes  Price   Price Per Minute 
100 minutes
250 Minutes
500 Minutes
1,000 Minutes  

Important Information for Jitterbug Service Plans:

  • For each Jitterbug operator-assisted call, 5 minutes will be deducted from   your available minutes; standard per minute usage rates apply for the length   of the call.
  • All plans require the purchase of a Jitterbug phone and a one-time set-up   fee ($35 plus tax).
  • Surcharges, government taxes and assessments are not included - they vary   by state and municipality.
  • Coverage and service not available everywhere.

Additional Jitterbug Applications and Services:

Award Winning Jitterbug 5Star Urgent Response ($14.99/month) application provides GPS tracking, immediate help access and Urgent Care.  This is the most popular new application for individuals or care givers who want peace of mind for loved ones.


App  Description   Price 
Voicemail  Callers can leave a message when you can't answer. 
5Star Urgent Response     Get help whenever and wherever you need it. 
The Check-in Call  Friendly automated calls will check in with you daily. 
Handset Replacement    Get a new phone if anything happens to yours. 
Text Messaging  A quick and easy way to send someone a short message. 
  See Plans Below  
Urgent Care    Get medical advice 24/7 with Urgent Care. 
The Wellness Call  Receive motivational calls from Dr. Brian Alman. 
Daily Health Tips  Get FREE tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 
Medication Reminder  Stay on schedule with your medications and refills. 
MyWorld    Keep updated on all your favorite interests. 
MyCalendar  Never miss important dates or appointments. 

Voice Mail - Receive voice messages

  • Unlimited voice mail calls
  • Retrieve from anywhere at anytime
  • Easy set up
  • $3.00 per month (free on some selected plans)

5Star Urgent Response - Be Prepared for any situation

  • Provides help at the touch of a button
  • Provides immediate access to our NAED Certified Response Agents trained in CPR and other emergency procedures
  • Agents will be able to identify your location and evaluate the situation
  • No contracts and cancellation fees
  • FREE 30-day trial
  • $14.99 per month

The Check-In Call - Friendly automated calls ensure you have help, if needed.

  • Peace of Mind & Security
  • Easy Set Up
  • $4.00 per month.

Handset Replacement - No matter what, GreatCall's got your phone covered.

  • Peace of Mind & Security
  • Easy Set Up
  • $4.00 per month.

Text Messaging - A simple way to send and receive text messages

  • Easy to use text messaging
  • Does not use minutes from monthly calling plan
  • Text Messaging Plans:
    • $.10 per text message (sent or received) OR:

    Text Bundle  Monthly Price    
    300 Text Messages
    700 Text Messages
    1,250 Text Messages  
    2,500 Text Messages  

Urgent Care - 24/7 access to registered nurses

  • No appointment necessary
  • 24/7 Mobile Health Care Advice
  • Health Information Library
  • pdated Personal Health History
  • $4.00 per month (FREE on some selected plans).

The Wellness Call - Motivational weekly calls

  • Brought to you by best-selling author Dr. Brian Alman
  • 4-5 minute calls to improve your health wellness
  • Reduce strees, sleep better, get motivated
  • Track your progress on
  • $4.00 per month (FREE on some selected plans).

Daily Health Tips - Suggestions for a healthy lifestyle

  • Daily Guidance and Info
  • Exercise & Diet
  • Living Heart Healthy
  • Go Red with the American Heart Association
  • FREE (delivered to your Jitterbug phone as a text message).

Medication Reminder - Stay on schedule with your medications and refills

  • Automated Reminder Calls
  • Progress Tracker on
  • Connect to your pharmacy to refill prescriptions
  • $4.00 per month

MyWorld - Keep updated on all your favorite interests

  • Check the weather
  • Get Sports scores
  • Stock updates & more
  • $4.00 per month

MyCalendar - Never miss important dates or appointments

  • Helpful Reminders
  • Keep your day on track
  • FREE


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Product Reviews

(14 Ratings, 7 Reviews) Average Rating:
Jitterbug Rules!
Frank Duve (Arlington, VA) 8/8/2011 4:02 PM
What a great phone with all the features that I need. Solid construction, easy to use, excellent customer service, large buttons, just a "no nonsence" phone. I gave up the other silly phone with features that I never use.Using the Verizon network I haven't missed a call which is important to me because I live in a rural area. GET THIS PHONE Frank Duve
Christine Long (Sauk Centre, MN) 6/15/2011 11:15 AM
My Mom just got her Jitterbug phone and now I want one too! The consultant was very helpful and I love the large screen and the larger size. Very easy to hear and talk. The ring is loud enough for her to hear and easy to operate. I'm excited to get MINE!
C Saunders (Harpers Ferry, WV) 1/14/2011 3:20 PM
A few months ago I had Jitterbug and decided I could find better pricing in a Tracfone. Boy, was i wrong! I donated my Jitterbug phone to charity so I will need to buy a new phone and pay the activation fee but it will be worth it. Tracfone has been a nightmare from the beginning. I needed it for an emergency and it did not work (It's complicated as you might expect. Many phone calls to customer service; a need to return my phone to Walmart; and they had no idea how to replace my service per my call to Tracfone corp headquarters). I NEVER had that problem with Jitterbug. I now plan to be a lifelong customer of Jitterbug.
Jitterbug Red phone
(Unknown) 2/7/2010 4:33 PM
The price is right 20 bucks off and a free case and charger for car is great. Good company did not get phone yet but hopefully everything will be okay.
Mr David of San Diego,CA
(Unknown) 10/23/2009 2:02 PM
The CordlessWorkz web site had the best and most information on the Jitterbug cell phone of any site I found for this product. In addition the price was great with the Oct discount.

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