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Jitterbug Smart

Part Number: A622LJBS1
Manufacturer: Alcatel
Free Shipping within the Contiguous U.S.

List Price: $169.00
Price: $109.99
New! GreatCall Jitterbug Smart - Smartphone for Seniors

THREE (3)October Specials  -  good thru Saturday, October 21st:

  (all specials below are included, new Jitterbug customers only)

  • Special low price of $109.95
  • FREE Ground Shipping   (a savings of $10.00)
  • FREE A/C Home Charger (included inside the Jitterbug box)

Need Help? Email us at

All new Smart:

✔  Easy to Use

✔  Easy to See

✔  Simplified Menu

✔  Typing is easy for text messages and email

✔  Access the Internet

✔  No Long Term Contracts

✔  Monthly Minutes-Only Plans start at $14.99/month;

✔  Monthly Basic Data Plans start at $2.49/month (see plan details below)

The new Smart, is a smartphone with built-in health and safety services. It now includes the following new features: 


  • Simplified menu, apps and contacts are easy to find
  • Typing is easy, with the full-size, onscreen keyboard
  • Easy-to-see, 4-inch touchscreen
  • Hearing aid compatible, with M4/T4 rating
  • Access the Internet, while you’re on the go
  • Conveniently send and receive emails, by syncing your account
  • Capture and share pictures, with the 5-megapixel camera
  • 5Star app, lets you speak immediately to 5Star Agents for help in any emergency

The GreatCall Smart is ideal if you want an easy to use cellular phone to dial direct and keep in touch with voice, text and email.

  • No Long Distance Fees (for domestic calls within the U.S.)
  • No Roaming Fees
  • No Long Term Contracts

The monthly Smart service plan options (see below) are selected after receiving the phone and activating by calling the Great Call activation center.

Click to see the: Jitterbug Service Coverage Map

Click to see the: Jitterbug Phone Reviews

Additional Features:

  • Simple menus
  • Both Bluetooth® (for a wireless headset connection) and 3.5mm headset jack connection included (headset not included with  phone)
  • Caller ID enabled.
  • Touchscreen keyboard
  • Bright, 4" display
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Powerful speaker
  • Large Text
  • Mobile internet access
  • Android Operating System
  • 8GB storage
  • Phone Number Portability: Option to retain and transfer existing cell phone number to your new Jitterbug cell phone, providing that number is still available at the time you make the request.
  • 30 day return policy. If for any reason you do not like your new Jitterbug phone, just let us know and we will be happy to set up a return for you.
  • Simply dial '0' to reach a live, 24/7 Operator. They will greet you by   name, connect calls for you and provide directory assistance. They can also activate   or deactivate any feature you want.
  • No contracts, No prepaid hassles.

  • Dimensions:   4.8H" x 2.5"W x .4"D
  • Weight (w/battery & cover):   4.2 ounces
  • Camera:   5.0 megapixels, .jpg
  • Outside Display Screen:   4” capacitive touchscreen, color
  • Speakerphone:   Yes
  • GPS:   Yes
  • WiFi:   802.11 b/g/n
  • BlueTooth:   v4.0
  • Talk Time:   Up to 12.6 hours
  • Standby Time:   Up to 11.5 days
  • Power Connector:   Universal Micro-USB
  • Headset Jack:   Standard 3.5mm
  • Storage Capacity:   8GB, up to 64GB additional with microSD card*
  • Hearing Aid Compatible:   YES, M4/T4 rating
  • Shipping weight:    2 lbs
  • Color:   Gray

General Information:

  • 30 Day Return Policy for Phone (Must have used <30 Minutes of Talk Time)
  • 1 Year Phone Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Product typically ships within 24 hours after placing order
  • Brand new product, factory sealed

How do I get started?

Step 1 is to order the Smart smartphone.  This can be done by adding the phone to the cart above and completing the secure checkout process OR you can place your order by phone at 1-800-516-4279.  We're available to help you 9:00am to 6:00pm est, Monday thru Friday.

Step 2 is to activate the Smart Smartphone. After you receive your new Smart phone you will then be ready to activate it in one of two ways:  calling the activation center (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or by using your computer and visiting There is a one-time activation fee of $35.00 for setting up your phone and account.

If you choose to contact the activation center you will need toby use your home phone or another phone. An experienced, US-based operator will set up the following for you: your new phone number, the calling plan and any features you would like, and finally, your billing preferences.  The call normally only takes 12 to 15 minutes to complete. This entire process is also explained in "The Quick Start Guide" which is included inside the Jitterbug Smart box.

What's included in the GreatCall Jitterbug Smart Box?

  • GreatCall Smart Smartphone
  • Lithium-ion battery (pre-installed in the phone)
  • A/C (home) charger
  • USB Cable
  • User Guide
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Activation Card (serial number of the phone in large, easy to read numbers)

Health & Safety Services:

Exclusive services that will help you take control of your life.

5Star Service

How 5Star works:

Whether you’re at home or on the go, life can catch you by surprise, but with 5Star Service on your Jitterbug, you’re ready for whatever comes your way. No matter if it’s an accident or an emergency, one touch of the 5Star button connects you to Medical Alert Agents who are trained to provide help in a variety of situations.

1. Press the button to speak immediately with a 5Star Medical Alert Agent.

2. Agent will confirm your location, evaluate your situation and even stay on the line until your situation is resolved.

3. Agents can call emergency services, get roadside assistance or locksmith, or contact family.

Urgent Care

Anytime, day or night, registered nurses are available to answer your medical questions and board-certified doctors can give you advice, make diagnoses or even prescribe common medications over the phone.

GreatCall Link App

Link is a smartphone app that connects you through your GreatCall device to your family and friends so they can stay updated and in the know about your health and safety, while you maintain your independence.

Additional health management services:


Reminds you to stay on your medication schedule and can even connect you to your pharmacy for prescription refills.

The Wellness Call

Be inspired with weekly motivational calls from wellness expert and best-selling author Brian Alman, Ph.D.

Daily Health Tips

Helpful suggestions from the American Heart Association® on how to live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

The Check-in Call

This helpful service will check in with you as often as you like with friendly, automated calls.

Brain Games

Improve your memory and focus with two innovative games.

Personal Operator

Get unlimited access to a friendly operator just by pressing “0” on your keypad. The operator will assist you with various tasks without extra minute charges.

Handset Replacement

If your Jitterbug is ever lost, stolen, or broken, this service ensures it is replaced.

Monthly Calling Plans and Features:

First, choose ONE of the following plans that works best for you:

BASIC ($19.99 per month)

  includes: 5Star Service

PREFERRED ($24.99 per month)

  includes: 5Star Service + Urgent Care + GreatCall Link

ULTIMATE ($34.99 per month)

  includes: 5Star Service + Urgent Care + GreatCall Link + Handset   Replacement + Personal Operator

Also the following features are included in your Rate Plans listed above at no additional cost:

  • Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Long Distance
  • Roaming (if you travel outside of your home area)

    Next, choose the monthly minutes that best suits your needs:

    Monthly Minutes (for Basic, Preferred and Ultimate Plans):

    50 Minutes
      $5.00 per month  
    600 Minutes
      $10.00 per month  
    1000 Minutes  
      $20.00 per month  
    2000 Minutes  
      $30.00 per month  
    Unlimited Talk and Text Messaging  
      $40.00 per month  

    Looking for talk minutes only?

    Minutes Only Plans:

    200 Minutes
      $14.99 per month  
    600  400 Minutes * Best Value *
      $19.99 per month  
    1500 Minutes  
      $29.99 per month  
    3000 Minutes  
      $39.99 per month  
    Unlimited Talk and Text Messaging  
      $49.99 per month  

    Important Information for Jitterbug Service Plans:

    • For each Jitterbug operator-assisted call, 5 minutes will be deducted from your available minutes; standard per minute usage rates apply for the length of the call.
    • All plans require the purchase of a Jitterbug phone and a one-time set-up fee ($35 plus tax).
    • Surcharges, government taxes and assessments are not included - they vary by state and municipality.
    • Coverage and service not available everywhere.

    Text Messaging - A simple way to send and receive text messages

    • Easy to use text messaging
    • Does not use minutes from monthly calling plan
    • Text Messaging Plans:

    Text Bundle  Monthly Price    
    300 Text Messages
    700 Text Messages
    1,250 Text Messages  
    2,500 Text Messages  

    Data Plans:

     20 MB  100 MB  200 MB  500 MB  1 GB  2 GB 
    Monthly Price
    Send 30 emails
    Send 140 emails
    Send 280 emails
    Send 700 emails
    Send 1500 emails
    Send 3000 emails
    View 8 web pages
    View 45 web pages
    View 90 web pages
    View 220 web pages
    View 450 web pages
    View 900 web pages
    Upload 10 photos
    Upload 50 photos
    Upload 100 photos
    Upload 260 photos
    Upload 520 photos
    Upload 1040 photos
    Watch 2 minutes of video
    Watch 12 minutes of video
    Watch 24 minutes of video
    Watch 60 minutes of video
    Watch 125 minutes of video
    Watch 250 minutes of video
    Get 5 minutes of turn-by-turn directions
    Get 20 minutes of turn-by-turn directions
    Get 40 minutes of turn-by-turn directions
    Get 100 minutes of turn-by-turn directions
    Get 220 minutes of turn-by-turn directions
    Get 440 minutes of turn-by-turn directions

    What is Data?

    The Jitterbug Touch3 is an easy-to-use phone for simply making calls, but since it’s a touchscreen smartphone, you can do so much more: access the Internet, use social media, get live news updates, play music and videos, and much more. No matter how you use your Touch3, we have an affordable data plan that is right for you.

    Important Information for GreatCall Touch3 Service Plans:

    • All plans require the purchase of a GreatCall Touch3 phone and a one-time set-up   fee ($35 plus tax).
    • Surcharges, government taxes and assessments are not included - they vary   by state and municipality.
    • Coverage and service not available everywhere.

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