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TMC Epic EV4500
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TMC Epic EV4500

Manufacturer: TMC
Free Shipping within the Contiguous U.S.

List Price: $229.95
Price: Starting at $219.95

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4 Line Intercom Non-Ksu Speakerphone with built-in Voicemail/Auto Attendant and Caller ID system. System Station compatibility: Add up to 16 Stations. Ideal for small businesses. Compatible with ET4300.
Epic EV4500 Plug-and-Play phone system. 4-Line Intercom Speakerphone with built-in voicemail/auto attendant and Caller ID and Jumbo Pivoting Display is Expandable up to 16 Stations. All Epic telephones are compatible with each other. Combine up to 16 Epic phones and Feature Modules (Music on hold/Door Intercom/External Paging & Cordless Phone compatibility) to create your own fully featured phone system.
  • 4-Line Corded Phone
  • Expandable up to 16 Stations (any Epic phone), including the ET4300
  • Digital Answering Machine - 30 minutes total recording time
    • Built -in Auto Attendant - Answers incoming calls and directs them to other telephones in the system.
    • Eight Selectable Greetings - You can set the auto attendant and each extension to give up to eight different greetings according to the user's input. This allows you to give specific recorded information to callers such as hours of operation.
    • Remote Access - Allows you to to listen to received messages and change settings and outgoing messages.
    • Line Specific and Timer-Controlled Greetings - You can assign separate greetings to different lines, which is useful for personal and business lines, or for two or more businesses that share a location. A different Night Message can be set to play during specific times of the day or night.
    • Voice Mail Waiting Lamp - Flashes to indicate at least one new message, lights steady if there are no new messages but at least one saved message.
    • Message Auto Save - All messages are automatically saved after your review them, until you deliberately erase them.
    • Message Grouping - When you review your messages the voice will announce the number of new and saved messages and then play the new messages first, followed by the saved messages.
    • Save as New You - can reset a message as "new" for someone else to hear it.
    • Erase - At any time while listening to a message, you may press this button to erase it. The same button allows you to erase all messages you just listened to.
    • Call Screening - You can listen to messages as they are being left and pick up the call if you wish.
    • Voicemail Navigation buttons - Skip/Repeat, Back/Forward, Pause/Stop
    • Variable Speed Message Playback - You may increase or decrease the speed of the message playback, without altering the voice pitch.
    • Record Memo/Conversations - With this button you can record a memo or record your current telephone conversation. Your recording will be saved along with the other messages
    • Centrex Auto Attendant - The EV4500 has a built-in Centrex Auto Attendant, which makes it ideal for everything from the small business to the large Enterprise that uses Centrex.
  • Call Waiting Caller ID* - 50 names and number history and dialer
  • Memory Dial - Store up to 16 memory dial numbers and 10 personal directory names & numbers in each Epic phone
  • Shared Directory Dialing: Share up to 40 names & numbers and dial from any phone in the system
  • Hands-Free Speakerphone - outside and intercom calls
  • Paging - Make voice announcement through speaker of a particular station or through all stations at once
  • Fully Featured Intercom - Call any station with ease and even answer "hands-free"
  • Station Status Indication - See at glance which stations are in use.
  • Call Transfer - answer a call and transfer to any station in the system
  • Jumbo Backlit LCD Display - super large backlit display pivots for easy viewing
  • Call Timer
  • Static Memory - numbers and feature settings are stored in static memory which retains its contents even with no electrical power or no battery, so they can never be accidentally lost
  • Adjustable Volume - handset, headset and speakerphone adjusted separately
  • Line Reserve - reserve a line currently in use. Spares trouble of constantly monitoring your telephone while waiting for a free line
  • Network Services Button - allows access to a preprogrammed list of Telephone Company services for easy one touch access.
  • Call Privacy On/Off - Unless released, prevents others from joining or listening to calls
  • Feature Modules Available:
    • 800-EFM
      • Music on Hold - connect radio or tape player to system
      • Door Intercom - allows addition of door intercom speaker or magnetic door strike
      • External Paging - allows connection of external amplifier and speaker for paging from any Epic phone
    • 810-ECA
      • External Cordless Phone Adapter - integrate any 1-line cordless phone for intercom, paging and call transfer features
  • Power Failure Protection - In the event of a power failure, vital information is retained and telephone calls can be made and received on line.
  • 3-Way Call Conferencing (with 2 Lines) - two incoming lines can conference with one station.
  • Hold - place call on Hold and switch to another line.
  • Line Status Indicator - allows you to visually confirm the status mode of each phone line.
  • New Call Lamp / Voice Mail Indicator ** - LED flashes when new call or voice mail is received.
  • Automatic Line Selection - Simply lift the handset and you are instantly connected to the next available line.
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) - Silence the phone so you can work without distractions.
  • Headset Jack (2.5mm)
  • Redial List - redial any of 5 most recent calls
  • Toll Restriction - restrict specific numbers and prevent unauthorized calls
  • Data / Fax Jack - allows connection of personal computer, notebook computer, or fax machine.
  • Station-to-Station ID - LCD displays intercom station's ID.
  • Battery Backup
  • Flash / Hold / Mute
  • Individual Ringer Control
  • Centrex Compatibility -
    • Centrex Code Store
    • Private Line Compatibility
    • Distinctive Ringing
    • Centrex Console - set Epic phone as Centrex console
  • Wall mountable
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Availability: Typically ships within 24 hours
  • Brand new product

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