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Searching for the best buy in Cordless Phones?

What are your real needs?                                                                                        

Remember when the only question you needed to ask when searching for a new cordless telephone was, "What is the range on that phone?"  Before selecting a cordless phone, consider the typical needs below:

1.)  Determine your budget.  Good quality simple cordless telephones typically fall in the $70 - $130 range.  Features like multiple handsets, 2 or more lines and the DECT 6.0 (1.9 GHz) frequency will likely push this range higher.

2.)  What is your environment like?  Do you have a wireless network?  Do you live in a higher density area where other phones & devices may interfere?  For security reasons, we always recommend digital spread spectrum models.

3.)  Where and how often will the phone(s) be used?  This will likely determine if you need a multi-handset/expandable model and how many handsets you'll require.

4.)  Do you or the recipient have a hearing impairment where an amplified phone would be beneficial?

5.)  Will the phone be used for a home office or do you have a teen in the house that needs an additional phone line?  2 and 4 line telephones are very popular.

6.)  Are there other "must have" convenience features?  Color, design, base keypads, speakerphones and other features are all personal preferences.

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DECT 6.0 Cordless Phones

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