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Jitterbug Phone Reviews
- What do customers say about the Jitterbug Senior Cell Phone?

Easy To See

“Finally a cell phone I don't need my glasses to read the numbers or display! The Jitterbug fits right in my hand and there's no confusing buttons for functions I don't use.”
--Carole J.

Easy To Use

“I just can't get over how easy Jitterbug is to use. It doesn't matter whether you direct dial, use the operator, or plug in numbers, you can reach everyone easily. I love the fact that Jitterbug is so simple for seniors like my Mom, but it's great even for those younger who want the ease and security of a cell phone but not the complication of other phones.”
--Susan G.

Easy To Hear

“I recently purchased a Jitterbug phone and am so pleased with it. I am hearing impaired and have had trouble finding a cell phone that works well for my disability. The Jitterbug is wonderful and so very easy to use.“
--Anne H.

Stay In Touch

“I just set up my mother with a Jitterbug phone. She made 3 phone calls through the operator, and is just delighted with how she can now connect to friends and relatives without my help. So am I. What a great product! Thanks.”
--Deborah S.

Tell A Friend

“I tell everybody I know. [Customer Service] 611 blows me away!!! I feel like I should be paying the gentlemen who referred me to you a fee instead of you paying a referral fee. You are a breath of fresh air!”
--Shipp D. H.

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