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Medical Alert - Emergency Phones & Dialer Comparison
Jitterbug OneTouch Cell Phone, Guardian Alert 911, Telemergency

An ideal mobile emergency alert device for those who are on the move often, the Jitterbug OneTouch Cell Phone has no contract monthly plans starting at $10 per month.  Besides being an easy-to-use one touch emergency alert device, the Jitterbug OneTouch also works as a standard cell phone.  Phone numbers can be pre-set with your service like "friend", "daughter", "home", "work" or "doctor" or you can one-touch the operator who can dial any phone number for you.

Jitterbug OneTouch

Perfect for seniors that live alone or spend ample amounts of time by themselves, because they allow the user to make calls without requiring assistance. When a person keeps an elderly cell phone on them at all times, they can call 911 if they hurt themselves falling and cannot reach another phone by pushing one simple button. Since many medical conditions require immediate assistance, big button cell phones like the Jitterbug make it easier than ever to call 911 without having to walk all over the house to get to the phone. The OneTouch can be used as an emergency cell phone.  This is great for anyone who doesn't want to be tied down to a cellular contract, but still wants something to keep in their vehicle if they ever need assistance. Emergency cellular services are perfect to quickly call towing services, or a friend in the area that can help.

If the user plans on talking more frequently, the Jitterbug Dial with large numeric keys may be a more appropriate option.

Jitterbug OneTouch

Jitterbug OneTouch

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For fixed-telephone line medical alert alarms that don't require a monthly fee, the Guardian Alert 911 and the Telemergency Pro are ideal solutions.  If you have an elderly loved one or even a loved one who lives alone (maybe a Diabetic), you're probably familiar with one of the many medical alarm monitoring services that charge a monthly service fee.  There are now alternatives to those costly services that will perform a similar function for those who are often alone and may require emergency assistance. The Telemergency Pro from Telemergency and the Guardian Alert 911 from LogicMark are two emergency phone dialers that we compare with the medical alert/alarm services.

The basic concept behind the Medical Alert/Alarm-type monitoring services is quite simple.  Most monitoring services have a phone-dialer "base" (about the size of a phone base) which is plugged in and installed near the user's phone line plug.  An "emergency button" wireless pendant is then kept close to (if not on) the user at all times.  Often, the pendant is water resistant for use in a shower.  When the user hits the emergency button on the pendant, the phone-dialer "base" dials the alarm monitoring service call center.  The monitoring service representative "calls out" to the user (as long as the user can hear and be heard from the distance to the base) and then begins to call the sequence of friends, neighbors, relatives and then eventually 911 if no one else is reached.  The calls are made in accordance with how the user (or user's relative) set up the monitoring service.  This service typically costs approximately $30 per month (depending on the service in your area) and the base phone dialer and pendant are often subsidized as long as you sign a contract.

The Telemergency Pro and Guardian Alert 911 emergency phone dialers also serve as medical alert alarms except that they are used to dial directly to friends, neigbors, relatives and 911 directly.  Much like the Medical Alert/Alarm-type services, the Telemergency has a wireless pendant that can be worn around your neck, around your wrist or just kept nearby.  When the emergency pendant is pressed, the Telemergency begins it's sequence of calls with a pre-recorded message to neighbors, friends, relatives and potentially 911 (though the communication to 911 is from a preset recording on the Telemergency and not 2-way communication).  Both devices are easy to install and fit between the phone outlet and your current phone.

We believe the Guardian Alert 911 is an improvement to the Telemergency for most users and that it can save significant money over using a Medical Alarm/Alert-type monitoring service.  The Guardian Alert 911 is unique in that the "pendant" is actually a tiny "wireless phone" where the user hits the emergency button the pendant and then the user can begin communicating directly with the 911 service directly through the pendant.  This allows the user to be clearly heard in an emergency and it allows them to save time by speaking directly to 911 in an emergency situation where the user may need immediate emergency medical assistance.  The small negative to this device is that the pendant (which acts like a tiny wearable emergency phone) is a bit larger than other emergency pendants.  Some will also argue that they don't want the user to speak directly to 911 because it might not be an emergency.  We believe that this is an oxymoron since these devices/services were intended for emergency use and not for situations like "Help me, I can't reach the volume to the TV".  We also believe that it's important to be directly in communication with 911 during an emergency situation.  Crying wolf shouldn't be a concern when a loved one is involved. The Guardian Alert 911 is a great Medical Alert/Alarm alternative.

Guardian Alert 911

Talk directly to a 911 emergency operator at the push of a button. DesignTech's Guardian Alert 911™ requires no monthly subscription or service fee. Guardian Alert 911 works just like a cordless phone on any standard phone line with 911 service and tone dialing. Guardian Alert 911 can be comfortably worn around the neck, clipped on a belt, or carried in a pocket at all times. Great for babysitters, woodworkers, diabetics, singles and senior citizens. The Battery Backup should be considered for this device so that it will operate during a power outage.  No monthly fees.

DesignTech Guardian Alert 911

Guardian Alert 911

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Telemergency Pro

The Telemergency PRO 700 emergency alert device sends a pre-recorded emergency message and instructions with a press of a button.  Finally an affordable emergency alert device that could save your life. Just having it lets you and your loved ones feel secure. No monthly fees. No daily worries. Allows you to have personalized messages for 3 different kinds of emergencies. Great emergency device for Diabetics.

Telemergency Pro

Telemergency Pro

more details for Telemergency Pro

Useful devices that should be considered for the hearing impaired:

TV Ears - the ultimate listening system that amplifies and clarifies television

Clarity C4230 - Expandable Amplified Cordless Phone with Answering Machine

Clarity C4220 - One of the loudest available amplified phones

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