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Cordless Phones, including a wide range of Uniden Cordless Phones

Shop online for a Uniden cordless phone at We offer an extensive selection of Uniden cordless phones, including the new Uniden DECT phones and the Uniden 5.8 ghz cordless phones at affordable prices. From the Uniden DECT2080-2 to the Audex/Uniden CDU3226SP 2-Line Amplified phone, we have the perfect cordless phone for your needs. We understand that quality is important to our customers. That's why we carry only the finest products. Browse our site to learn more about our exciting lineup of quality Uniden cordless phones. Why shop at a big box retail store when you can purchase your favorite Uniden products online? Shop at and start saving today. - Your Wholesale Provider of Quality Cordless Phones.

Uniden DECT2080-3

Uniden DECT2080-2
more details for Uniden UIP1868P

Why buy Uniden? Beyond the innovative designs, our customers select Uniden telephones based on their high reliability, their standard for clear, crisp sounding conversations and their strong history in the wireless/cordless market.  Uniden has taken a leadership role in the last couple years, most recently producing some market leading DECT phones, Bluetooth compatible phones and a multi-handset, expandable phone for the VoIP broadband market.  If you're searching for a new cordless phone, consider answering these questions to help you with your search.  If considering another premium brand, Panasonic cordless phones should be on your short list.
Uniden DECT3080-3

Uniden DECT3080-3

Uniden DECT 2080

Uniden DECT2080

Uniden DECT2080-3

Uniden DECT2080-3

Uniden TRU9360

Uniden TRU9360

Uniden TRU9360

Uniden TRU9360-2

Uniden TRU9496

Uniden TRU9496

Uniden TRU9466

Uniden TRU9466

Uniden TWX977 Waterproof Handset

Uniden TWX977 Handset

Uniden TCX905 Handset

Uniden TCX905 Handset

Audex / Uniden CDU5688AS Amplified

Audex/Uniden CDU5568AS

Uniden TRU9485-2

Uniden TRU9485-2

Uniden TRU9488

Uniden TRU9488

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