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Intellitouch XLink Bluetooth Cell Phone Docking Station
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XLink BTTN Cell Bluetooth Gateway

Part Number: BTTN
Manufacturer: Xtreme Technologies
Free Shipping within the Contiguous U.S.

List Price: $149.95
Price: $114.95
Bluetooth cell phone gateway for your home phone. Use your home phone with you cellular phone and turn your regular corded and cordless telephones into a cellular multi-line phone system. BTTN allows you to connect up to 3 cell phones + 1 landline to your home or office phone system.The XLink BTTN Cell Bluetooth Gateway connects your Bluetooth enabled cellular phone with your standard desktop phone, allowing you to use your regular home or office telephone over your cellular service network. All you need is a Bluetooth enabled cellular phone, and the XLink will take care of the rest.

The difference between the XLink BT and the BTTN is that the BTTN allows you to also keep your analog home landline (standard home telephone service or use of a VOIP adapter box).  You can connect up to THREE cell phones to the BTTN model, as well as, one regular telephone input. This input can come from a regular phone line or from a VOIP (internet telephony) box such as Vonage or MagicJack.

  • XLink integrated Bluetooth gateway device provides a wireless connection to your Bluetooth enabled cellular phone (no external cables or modules required)
  • Connect THREE Cell Phones and a Standard Telephone Source to your Regular Phones.
  • If you have cell phones and a land line or a VOIP line and have regular telephones throughout your home or office then you need the XLink BTTN.
  • Displays Caller ID number from your cellular phone on your phone's LCD display
  • Call Waiting between calls on one and/or multiple cellular phones
  • Integrated Echo Cancellation for optimal call quality
  • Simultaneously connect up to 3 cellular phones to XLink + 1 standard telephone line to your regular cordless or corded phone
  • Voice Dialing as provided on your cellular phone
  • Speed Dialing, Voice Mail access
  • Connect directly to any number of standard telephones using XLink's built-in RJ11 (standard telephone) jack
  • Dial and send numbers manually (press # to send dialed number) or automatically
  • Bellcore Standard Line Ringing Voltage ensures home phone ringer performance
  • True 5 REN ensures all home phones connected to the XLink ring properly
  • User configurable and programmable for cellular phone features e.g. voice mail number
  • Built-in USB port

Connect your PC and XLink USB ports* to:

  • Easily upgrade XLink firmware for added features and functionality
  • Adjust unit configurations including, Ringing Patterns, Tones home phone's LCD and Voltages (compatible with North American, South American, Asian, and European standards)
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Availability: Typically ships within 24 hours
  • Brand New Product

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